Playing with Google App Engine

First time using google apps engine, amaze me :) Came from, I try to make simple service monitoring like Google Status, Github status and the others. Not 100% same, but at least, it’s enough for my needs.


  1. Google Account
  2. Python 2.7.x
  3. Google Apps Engine SDK for Python
  4. Stashboard Apps

Go to Production:

You need to register your new apps to google apps engine (there). Create your new application and get the oauth_key and oauth_secret on APIs & auth categories then choose Credentials. Click Create new client ID, and a pop up box will appears.

Point the button like the picture above (I use google app engine 1.9.17) and click Create Client ID. For the example, the result will be like this.

Configure stashboard application

Extract the stashboard tarball that you’ve been downloaded before, then edit the line. By default, oauth_key and oauth_secret are not written, write it down followed by your registered apps oauth_key and oauth_secret from google app engine’s page.

OAUTH_KEY = '<your_oauth_key_there>'
OAUTH_SECRET = '<your_oauth_secret_there>'

Make sure to changes these lines :

SITE_NAME = "<your_site_name_there>"
SITE_AUTHOR = "<your_site_author_there>"
SITE_URL = "<your_site_url_there>"
REPORT_URL = "<your_report_url_there>"

Save and exit, then go to your google app engine SDK folder.

If everythings was configured, type ./ update <your_stashboard_folder_path>. If you see screen like this, you was successful upload the apps to Google Apps Engine Cloud.

To access your pages, it should be accessed on https://<your-app-name>
Good luck. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

Speed up your website using TLS/SSL (SPDY) with CloudFlare

Today,  I am proud to announce being used TLS/SSL Connection. Since some announcement from Google Online Security about advantages using SSL, mod_pagespeed implementation, then mod_spdy. I know this site isn’t perfect yet, but at least I was tried help them to submit enhancement and bug reports. gtmetrix score:

Since cloudflare announce their offers for Free SSL on any packages, you can use it to speed up your website too.