Speed up your website using TLS/SSL (SPDY) with CloudFlare

Today,  I am proud to announce xtremenitro.org being used TLS/SSL Connection. Since some announcement from Google Online Security about advantages using SSL, mod_pagespeed implementation, then mod_spdy. I know this site isn’t perfect yet, but at least I was tried help them to submit enhancement and bug reports.

xtremenitro.org gtmetrix score:

Since cloudflare announce their offers for Free SSL on any packages, you can use it to speed up your website too.

Automate System Deployment & Lifecycle

Have you try to manage large systems quickly and easily? What distribution do you choose? Debian? RedHat? Ubuntu? OSX? *NIX? I choose RedHat and their derivative :D I will explain why I still choose redhat for large ecosystems.

This day, I got notification from CESA about kernel update, here is short email conversation about this CVE notification.

Then, I logged in to our Systems & Lifecycle Management, got the updates are ready and was downloaded before. I just need to apply the updates to whole systems, just 1-2-3 steps and wait the system applied to all machines ;)

Affected system list :

And it takes only 2-3 minutes to complete them (I just have 37 systems there), but it help me much than I console them one by one.

And, just scheduled reboot them all to take effects. Use Red Hat, and use Satelites :) And take the vacation :))


Hi debian/ubuntu user, are you on trouble right now? If yes, switch to Red Hat or their derivative right now :D